With a few tweaks, you can make this your Best Year Yet!

  • Who is this for?

    A Studio Audit with Erin Burd is for any studio owner who wants to benefit from having an outside set of eyes looking at the efficiency and profitability of their studio. You can’t see it, as the owner, because you are inside of it every day.

  • What do I walk away with from the Studio Audit with Erin Burd?

    You and Erin will go through your 2.5 hour session and identify the gaps inside your studio and, laser focus in the top three areas you should focus on to get the biggest impact.

  • What is the process after I purchase a Studio Audit with Erin Burd?

    You will be directed to a calendar to schedule your 2-hour audit with Erin. After this is scheduled, there is a questionnaire to fill out about where you are now and what your goals and objectives are for 2024 and beyond.

  • How do I get the most out of the Studio Audit with Erin Burd?

    For best results, know where you stand in all your numbers for 2023 (and the past, as you see is relevant). Erin will be listening and taking notes and recording during your session. You will get a copy of the recording, along with Erin’s insights and suggestions, within a week of your session.