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Top 3 Ways To Reignite Your Passion

March 29, 20243 min read

Costumes, comp, and recital season can sometimes leave us feeling a little bit depleted and, dare I say, even burned out, which none of us really want. When we're feeling tired, overwhelmed, and depleted, it kind of can feel hard. Sometimes we start to ask, do we even wanna do this anymore? 

The first thing that we have to do when we're starting to feel like we're losing that spark and the passion for being a studio owner or owning our businesses, is a brain dump. Start writing down - journaling - what is causing you to feel overwhelmed. Is it the sheer amount of tasks that you're doing? Is it some sort of emotional drainage? Is it drama mamas in the studio? Is it staffing? Dump it out. If you do this over a week or two, you will start to see patterns, and you can see where or what the root cause is of you feeling this way. Starting with that brain dump will really help you to get clear on if there is a singular root cause or if it’s the compounding of a lot of different things. And then you can start looking for solutions.

The next thing that I encourage you to do for yourself, for your staff, and even for your students is to get one of these little mason jars and create a Celebrations and Wins Jar. When you have something good or a teacher has something good or a student is excited about something, write it on a slip of paper, put it in the jar, and seal it up. And then when you're having those bad days, you can pull a slip from the jar and remind yourself of all of the good that is happening inside the four walls of your studio or in your business. Having something like this is a tangible reminder to you of why you do this.

This is focusing on the good. That will help reignite and spark that passion that you and your team have. What we focus on grows. So if you're focusing on the wins and the celebrations and the good, more good will come. 

The third thing is to be part of a community. This is so much more than just being inside of a Facebook group. You need to be in a group, in a container of people who know you, understand you, get you, are there to support you, and are there to hold you accountable, too. One of the reasons I think so many educators and dance studio owners start to lose their passion or start to feel stagnant is because they get so caught up in the day-to-day things. We need to continue to learn and grow. Maybe it’s taking classes for ourselves, whether that's a business class, a movement class, or whatever type of continuing education. Get yourself back as a part of a community that allows you to learn, to grow, and to be challenged. That sparks the passion.

When we do the same thing over and over and over and over again as creatives, that can really put a damper on our soul. We have to get ourselves in the room with people who are like us, who know us, who get us but also are going to lift us up to the next level. This can be done in many different ways. You’ve probably heard a little bit about our Empire Builders Club and our Empire Roundtable Mastermind. Inside these communities, that's exactly what we are doing. We are lifting each other up. We're celebrating the wins. We're helping each other navigate. 

Getting yourself in the room and being part of a community is a surefire way to help you reignite that passion, see the bigger picture, and get back to your why. Make sure that passion stays alive, that it's burning, because what we do is important! 

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Erin Burd

Erin Burd, is a Women’s Empowerment and Business Coach, Author and Speaker. She started Birdy’s Kids In Motion and Dance Biz in a Bag on a budget of only $300.00 and built a six-figure business in just two years. Erin is passionate about paying it forward and created the $100K Studio Dance Blueprint and the Mobile Studio Mastermind and has coached multiple women entrepreneurs to launch their business on a small budget and how to take their business to six-figures.

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