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My Travel Obsession Helped Me Take My Business To The Next Level

July 04, 20234 min read

I am really committed to traveling the world, experiencing new cultures, and seeing the world from different points of view. My travel obsession has had a direct correlation to my business and, and taking it to new levels. Travel feeds the creative artist in me. It also allows me to think in a different way. 

I have always had this Wanderlust inside of me. When I was a kid and people would ask me what do you wanna be when you grow up, I had two answers: (1) I want to be a dancer (of course!) and (2) I want to be a nomad. I knew at a young age that I just wanted to travel around and experience the world and just be free. So I have always had the desire in me to explore what is out there. 

Travel pushes you to try new things

On a trip with my husband and friends to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, we decided to try the zip lining, ATVing, and rock repelling excursion. On the ziplining, they were explaining the instructions and it was scary! I remember thinking what am I doing with my life? I’m a mom. What if something happens? All those thoughts and fears could have stopped me. 

It was scary. It was exhilarating. It was life-changing. These experiences actually helped me get so much clarity about facing my fears and taking the leap of faith. It pushed me to see things in a different way. 

When I came back from Cabo it left me feeling clear and inspired. I launched a new program inside of our business that added an extra $45,000 to our bottom line because I was changed. There was a transformation that happened when I was in Cabo through facing my fears and taking a leap of faith. There was a direct correlation. 

I love looking at data and making data-driven decisions. When I go back and I look at my travels and then I go back to the data of my sales and how I was showing up, there is an absolutely direct relation. 

Travel improves your mood

When I stepped off the plane in Italy, I left all my stress and my worries behind. I was nothing but excited, happy, and carefree. I had 10 days to reconnect with just myself and with my husband in an amazing place. It gave us time to dream and to talk and to really look at things from a new perspective. 

When we stepped back on that plane to head home, we had made the decision that we were gonna create the $100K Mobile Workshop and Mastermind. We came back and we launched those programs and they have been doing phenomenal ever since. I am able to help my clients make huge transformations in their businesses and their lives. 

This is all because Italy gave us the space to gain new perspectives, to get clarity, to be creative, and to dream together. Oh, and it improved my mood. Before we went to Italy, I was feeling a little overwhelmed and burnt out. I needed the break of travel to quiet my brain and let the creative side take over. 

Travel challenges your thinking patterns

When I went to Argentina, one of my first big trips when I was a bit young in my career, I saw that they really love to take things at a slower pace in their culture. They weren't really worried about material things. 

This perspective helped me reframe the idea that more students means I’m more successful. Sometimes, in our industry, we have a little bit of ego about or think that if we don't have a studio that has 500 students then we are not successful. We tell ourselves that we only have 50 students or we only have a hundred students. The numbers do not mean that you are not successful. They don't mean that you aren't making an impact. And furthermore, it doesn't mean that you cannot have a profitable business that can fund your dreams.

Another realization was that 500 students doesn’t mean that we are actually making more money. It doesn't mean that we are more profitable. It doesn't necessarily mean that I could pay myself more of a salary. It only means we are serving more students. You might be having the same amount of impact with 100 students as you are with 1000 students. Going to Argentina allowed me to see that one size doesn't fit all. There are a lot of ways to create success. 

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Erin Burd

Erin Burd, is a Women’s Empowerment and Business Coach, Author and Speaker. She started Birdy’s Kids In Motion and Dance Biz in a Bag on a budget of only $300.00 and built a six-figure business in just two years. Erin is passionate about paying it forward and created the $100K Studio Dance Blueprint and the Mobile Studio Mastermind and has coached multiple women entrepreneurs to launch their business on a small budget and how to take their business to six-figures.

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