From Layoff to Launch: My Journey to Entrepreneurship and Freedom

From Layoff to Launch: My Journey to Entrepreneurship and Freedom

March 22, 20242 min read

Years ago, I found myself trapped in a cycle of long hours, unrecognized efforts, and the constant need to prove myself in a corporate environment. As the Director of Human Resources, I felt like a mere number, rather than someone valued for the immense contributions I brought to the company. The breaking point came when the CEO tasked me with the daunting responsibility of deciding who to lay off to cut costs.

Without hesitation, I made a decision that shocked everyone—I volunteered to be laid off myself. The CEO couldn't believe it. But at that moment, I realized that sacrificing my position meant saving at least a dozen jobs. It was a sacrifice worth making. I knew deep down that the corporate world was draining me, and my heart longed for more—more time with loved ones, more financial stability, but above all, more freedom.

That pivotal moment became the catalyst for embarking on a journey towards entrepreneurship. It was an opportunity to create the life I had always dreamed of—a life filled with purpose, passion, and autonomy. Fast forward to today, and as I reflect on my journey, I feel incredibly fortunate for all that I have accomplished.

I now have the privilege of working with studio owners worldwide, helping them scale their businesses on their terms. Through our outreach programs and non-profit initiatives, I'm able to make a meaningful impact in our community. But perhaps most importantly, I wake up every day with a sense of excitement and fulfillment, eager to dive into the work I love.

And now, I want to extend that same opportunity to you.

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and burnt out? Are you ready for more excitement, more money, more joy, and more support?

Welcome to The Empire Builders Club—your gateway to a life of abundance and freedom. Join us on this journey, and together, let's build the empire you've always dreamed of.

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Erin Burd

Erin Burd, is a Women’s Empowerment and Business Coach, Author and Speaker. She started Birdy’s Kids In Motion and Dance Biz in a Bag on a budget of only $300.00 and built a six-figure business in just two years. Erin is passionate about paying it forward and created the $100K Studio Dance Blueprint and the Mobile Studio Mastermind and has coached multiple women entrepreneurs to launch their business on a small budget and how to take their business to six-figures.

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